Police Constable Keith Palmer

Police Constable Keith Palmer
Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command Metropolitan Police Service
London, Great Britain End of Watch: March 22, 2017 BFTF Representatives That Attended Funeral: Steven DeMeo Sgt. 994 6th Precinct Robert KaII Sgt. 578 7th Precinct Crime Section The terror attack that occurred on 3/22/17 in London, Great Britain is a horrific reminder of the potential dangers we all face as Police Officers everyday as we protect and serve the public. Tragically, a Police Officer, PC Keith Palmer, 48, was stabbed to death by the terrorist as he tried to stop the attack. He was a member of the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command and had 15 years of service in the Metropolitan Police Service. The terrorist had deliberately drove a vehicle into crowds of people, including several Police Officers, killing at least 3 additional people and injuring approximately 40 people near the Parliament building.

Due to the nature of this attack against the closest ally of the US, 3 of the 5 chapters of the Brotherhood For The Fallen sent representatives to London for the funeral services in a collective effort to show our support as Police Officers for each other all over the world. The following was shared by Steve: On April 8th 2017 Sergeants Steve DeMeo from the 6th Precinct and Rob KaII from the 7th Precinct deployed to London, England to attend the funeral of Police Constable Keith Palmer of the London Metropolitan Police. P. C. Palmer was killed in the terrorist attack on the Westminster Bridge on March 22nd. Also attending were six NYPD and two Chicago PD officers. We were escorted through Gatwick Airport by the Sussex Police and then to the hotel Sunday and to Southwark Cathedral on Monday for the funeral by the Metropolitan Police Territorial Support Group. We were seated inside the Cathedral for the very dignified and beautiful service. The Metropolitan Police had not lost an Officer to violence in over 20 years and there were Representatives from all of England's 43 Police Services in attendance. Our presence was very much appreciated and we were personally thanked by many English Officers. In the short time before we departed on Tuesday we were looked after very well by our escorts and we exchanged many law enforcement ideas and experiences with them. We may be separated by a large Ocean, but we certainly have many things in common with our Brothers in Blue "across the Big Pond". Thank you Steve and Rob for representing us so well. We are proud to have you as members of the Brotherhood For The Fallen, Suffolk County, NY.


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