Police Officer Kenneth Copeland

Police Officer Kenneth Copeland San Marcos Police Department, Texas End of Watch: December 4, 2017 BFTF Representatives That Attended Funeral: Frank Abramowitz PO 4904 3rd Precinct Thomas Tatarian PO 4228 Emergency Service Tom shared the following account with us: This week I had the honor, along with Frank Abromowitz-3rd Pct., of representing the Brotherhood For The Fallen Suffolk County at the Funeral for San Marcos, Texas Police Officer Kenneth Copeland. We attended the viewing on Tuesday along with representatives from Brotherhood For The Fallen-Fort Worth, Dallas, Chicago, Aurora, and NYC. We were greeted with overwhelming appreciation by the members of the San Marcos Police Department who up until now had never heard of the Brotherhood. Police Officer Copeland is the first Line of Duty death in the San Marcos Police Departments history. At the conclusion of Wednesdays viewing, the San Marcos PD Honor Guard requested we (All The Brotherhood Reps) not leave until they could get a group photo with us. They were overwhelmed that we all traveled so far to pay our respects. At the Funeral on Wednesday, we were asked to stand with the San Marcos PD Honor Guard at the entrance to the church and inside during the services. At the conclusion of the funeral service, Frank and I approached his closest friends and coworkers, introduced ourselves, and presented them with BFTF Suffolk County Challenge coins, shirts, and SCPD Patches. One of the people we spoke with was Retired L.A. County Deputy Sheriff Joe Fratangelo, Joe was Ken’s best friend. They worked together at the L.A. County Sheriff’s office before Ken left to join the San Marcos PD. Joe is retired now and lives in San Antonio. Frank and I were invited back to Joe’s home for a small gathering of family and friends, along with the Honor Guard sent by L.A. County Sheriff’s office. There we were shown true southern hospitality and enjoyed hours of stories as everyone reminisced about Ken’s life. Amongst the most enjoyable stories were of Ken’s addiction to a Mexican Mineral water called “Topo Chico”. Yes I tried one and I now know why no one else in his family or friends like it, but apparently Ken Copeland had a cooler full in his Patrol Car every tour which he generously offered to any/everyone, but no one wanted them. After several hours at Joe’s home, we drove back to San Marcos with Joe and the 3 members of L.A. County Sheriffs Honor Guard to a private fellowship of the San Marcos PD. At the reception we talked for hours with everyone there, sharing police stories, talked sports, Frank talked motorcycles with Joe and the San Marcos “Motor” guys, my love of Shiner beer. I think everyone in attendance, Police and/or family, made it a point to seek us out, introduce themselves, thank us, hug us, and there were tears. I know Frank agrees with me that these 3 days are amongst the most rewarding in either of our careers as Police Officers! We thank you for the honor of representing the Brotherhood for the Fallen Suffolk County, and paying our respects to a man who everyone loved and respected, and that we got to know thru his family and friends. Rest In Peace Police Officer Kenneth Copeland San Marcos P.D. #432 Thank you, Frank and Tom for representing us so well. We are proud to have you as members of the Brotherhood For The Fallen, Suffolk County, NY.


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