Police Officer Michael Louviere

Police Officer Michael Louviere Westwego Police Department, LA
End of Watch: January 20, 2017 BFTF Representatives That Attended Funeral: Eric Petry PO 6608 Recruit Police Academy Gerard Stokkers PO 6620 Recruit Police Academy Eric and Gerard are currently recruits in training at the Police Academy. These Officers are personal friends with Michael. Our deepest sympathies to them during this extremely difficult time. Gerard shared the following with us: The trip down to Louisiana for the Brotherhood For The Fallen was a personal one as well as an honor to represent Suffolk County Police Department. Eric Petry and I both knew Michael Louviere from our time in the Marine Corps. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have known Louviere, and to have him as a leader in our unit. He always sought to bring out the best in every Marine, and held the belief that he was a Marine 24/7. The core values of honor, courage, and commitment were exactly the traits that led him to being such an incredible police officer. We all share the grief and loss that his family, friends, fellow Marines, and brothers in the Westwego Police department are experiencing right now. We all knew he was an incredibly gifted man, wonderful father and outstanding Marine. It came as no surprise that he was a loved and respected member of the law enforcement community. The outpouring of kindness and compassion by members of the Brotherhood from all over the country has been incredible. Eric and I spoke about joining SCPD as a way to hold on to the camaraderie and being part of something greater than oneself, and this organization showed us not only are we part of a family here in Suffolk County, but nationwide. I am eternally grateful to both the Suffolk County Police Department and the Brotherhood For The Fallen for their generosity, understanding, and compassion in sending us to see our friend one final time. Thank you Eric and Gerard for representing us so well. We are proud to have you as members of the Brotherhood For The Fallen, Suffolk County, NY.


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