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Assistant Chief Deputy Clinton Greenwood

Assistant Chief Deputy Clinton Greenwood Harris County Constable's Office - Precinct 3, TX
End of Watch: April 3, 2017 BFTF Representatives That Attended Funeral: David Regina Captain District Commander
Michael Maio PO 1st Precinct Crime Section Captain Regina attend the FBI National Academy with Assistant Deputy Chief Greenwood. Dave shared the following with the Brotherhood: In early April, I was fortunate enough to travel with 1st Pct. Officer Michael Maio, to the line of duty funeral for my National Academy classmate, Clint Greenwood, of the Harris County, TX Constables Office.  Shortly after Clint's death, I was contacted by the Brotherhood.  I was told that because I knew Clint personally, I would get first choice if I wanted to attend the funeral.  After I said that I would like to attend, the Brotherhood did ALL THE WORK.  I was very impressed how quickly and efficiently the Brotherhood set up all the arrangements. In Houston the hotel was great, couldn't be better and was only twenty minutes away from the services.  Mike and I met up with other Brotherhood Officers from the NYPD, Chicago PD and Fort Worth PD.  Although we were all there for a tragic occurrence, it was great to see so many officers paying their respect for a really great man. Clint was a great guy and I was fortunate enough to meet his wife and children, presenting them with the donation from the Brotherhood.  I can't tell you how much the outpouring of support meant to Clint's family. I know that none of us ever want to attend another line of duty funeral. But in our line of work and the times we live in, it is an unfortunate reality.  If you have the opportunity to attend and represent the Suffolk County Police and the Brotherhood, I believe it will be a positive experience that you will always remember.  Thank you to the Brotherhood Officers working to make these trips possible. Thank you Dave and Mike for representing us so well. We are proud to have you as members of the Brotherhood For The Fallen, Suffolk County, NY.

Assistant Chief Deputy Clinton Greenwood
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