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Police Officer Nicholas Snarr and Public Safety Officer Jody Smith

These Officers were killed responding to the same domestic violence call.
They were best friends… Police Officer Nicholas Ryan Smarr Americus Police Department, GA
End of Watch: December 7, 2016 Public Safety Officer Jody C. Smith Georgia Southwestern State University Department of Public Safety, GA
End of Watch: December 8, 2016 BFTF Representatives That Attended Funeral: James (Jeff) Flammer PO 2109 Retired When another call for representatives was cast to attend not one, but two funerals in Georgia, retired PO James (Jeff) Flammer immediately answered the call yet again. He volunteered to drive to attend as our sole representative and to present our donation to the families. Jeff stayed in the area for five nights as the funerals were a couple of days apart. The following was shared by Jeff. I arrived in Americas Georgia on Saturday 12-10-16 expecting to attend a funeral for Nick Smarr and Jody Smith on Sunday. I soon found out that there was a viewing that night requiring my attendance. I met with two NYPD officers and together we met with the Smarr and Smith families. The funeral for Nick Smarr was on Sunday and was performed with all the formality and dignity due this hero officer. I was originally to drive home the next day, however, Jody Smith was an organ donor and was kept alive awaiting the harvesting of all his organs. It turned out that seven lives were saved do to this officers organ donation. He was still saving lives even after death. His funeral was that Wednesday, so I stayed at request of the Brotherhood. His mother Sharon is a Deputy Sergeant with the Sheriff’s office. Both funerals were attended by former president Jimmy Carter and thousands of uniformed police officers from around the country. I spent the entire week in Americus to fulfill my duties to represent the SCPD and the Brotherhood at these funerals and was honored to do so. The picture sent that was of the police marked unit and members of the department. This photo was representative of the Americus PD for both funerals. Thank you, Jeff, for once again representing us so well. We are very proud to have you as a member of the Brotherhood For The Fallen, Suffolk County, NY.

Police Officer Nicholas Snarr and Public Safety Officer Jody Smith
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